Stepford Ct Wife

Stepford Ct Wife
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Saturday, January 2, 2010

I want my HGTV and FOOD NETWORK back!

 Another reason to start my blog is that there is no food network or HGTV in the Fairfield area or anyone who has cablevision. I don't want to get into the middle of the argument but come on! don't charge us more just get it back on the air. I check back every couple of hours to hope that magically Foodnetwork or HGTV will come back on the air.
I mean luckily I have Martha Stewart on regular channels but I will have to be my own food network. And no offense to Martha but I do not think her current format fits her and I miss the old show format. But we all know she has to do her current show format because while she was away in Prison Rachel Ray took over the Martha gap. Rachel Ray is perky and does sort of less hands on techniques. Now do I HATE Rachel Ray no... she probably would be a good friend but I cannot stand her show. I loved her $20 a day show but she is too much for me and Martha does not have the personality for a Rachel Ray format. I feel bad for Martha Stewart because she should just have it like her old format with less audiance and just quiet talking. She is a guru and she should be in a quiet place to worship... not in an audience filled studio. I miss her and her mother in one of her CT homes arguing about how to do something. I loved how her mother would be like basically "be less perfect!"

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