Stepford Ct Wife

Stepford Ct Wife
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lesson 1.22 Tortilla Soup

I was able to use that chicken stock finally last night in Martha's Tortilla soup. I have to say that I am proud even though I had some stumbles and machine malfunctions. My high moments included being able to correctly and more quickly cut the chicken. I chopped/ peeled the yellow onion a little bit better. I was able to mince the red onion more efficiently and a little bit better/ the correct way. But my eyes started to water profusely and burn so the chopping proficiently stopped and I just settled for "rustic" cuts. I had to open the window, wash my face and take a break-- it was cold last night! I need those onion goggles and in the middle of this post I just bought a pair on ebay for $19.00, free shipping! In fact my house reeks of onions that I could smell with my bedroom door closed and gave me the weirdest dreams last night. Currently it is almost intoxicating on the verge of the making me sick. I also cooked the chicken better because I cut it into 10 pieces and I felt more in tune with the process. I still however need a meat thermometer to do it more accurately!

I learned last night how to correctly peel and mince garlic. One of them was a little bit stubborn and would not peel it's skin off. I also correctly rolled the lime before I used a hand-press juicer to juice the lime. I also cut correctly an avocado and chopped it more efficently.

I had to make a couple of adjustments to the recipe. I could not find the Pastilla chiles when I went shopping so I got three small green Chile peppers. In my small/ugly kitchen my oven does not have a broiler. I had to improvise by sauteing the tomatoes until they had burn marks on it. I also did not make my own Tortilla strips and I just crushed up Tostitos. I also did not include cabbage (which my husband hates!) or cotija cheese (or any cheese).

Mistakes I made: I used a flat griddle pan to saute the onions, garlic and the tomatoes without realizing that I would have to add the chile pepper water. You need to saute it in a skillet that has walls. Also I was not thinking that I would have to add the tomatoes to the onions/garlic and well that is not so smart either. My stove top is disgusting currently and I need to clean it!

My new blender leaks I do not know what I did wrong but I could not correctly puree half of the chile puree. The second time was the charm with the puree. So the chile puree did not come out perfect but it still was edible. I need to learn either how to use my blender OR I need a new blender. It could be both. Either way it seems like I am an idiot but if you were in my kitchen last night you would be sympathetic. The blender part would not come off and I had to unplug and pour with the WHOLE machine. Then after I did that and was done when return it the blender accessory easily fell on the floor to splatter the rest of the puree on the ground. I was a watery eye, puree splatter fool and I had to pull it together so my husband could eat before going onto his midnight shift. I am thinking of getting an immersion blender instead because I hate that blender! It has always leaked when I used it and I am an educated person. I am able to get my shoes tied in the morning, why can't I use this blender! I am going to go through that user manual and I am going to make it work!

 I have to admit that even though I read this recipe it seemed like it was not going to take that long but it took me two hours to make. My husband however thought it was worth the wait as he snacked on Tortilla chips and he likes it better than the chicken soup. I do not know how hot it would be with the other chile but Jon said the heat was just right for the soup.

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